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We are looking for writers who are passionate about sharing stories and insights about Bhutan.

We are interested in stories that showcase the beauty and diversity of Bhutan's landscapes, culture, and people. Whether it's a personal travel experience, an exploration of Bhutanese traditions and beliefs, or stories of interesting people, we welcome all pitches that offer a fresh perspective on this remarkable country.

Some topics we're particularly interested in include:

  1. Highlighting interesting people in Bhutan such as artists, activists, entrepreneurs, and everyday citizens who are making a positive impact in their communities
  2. Trekking and adventure travel in Bhutan's mountains and national parks
  3. Exploring the country's Buddhist temples, monasteries, and spiritual traditions
  4. Discovering Bhutanese art, music, and cuisine
  5. Learning about the country's environmental conservation efforts and sustainable tourism practices
  6. Studying Bhutan's unique approach to governance and development, including its focus on Gross National Happiness

We're open to pitches from writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience, so whether you're a seasoned journalist, a passionate travel blogger, or a first-time writer, we want to hear from you! Please submit a brief pitch outlining your story idea, along with a writing sample and your contact information. We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you to bring the magic of Bhutan to our readers.

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