a love for Bhutan

first shared through stories

while a deep bond of teenage friendship grew —

from our Patron Founder, of noble Bhutanese family,

to our Founder.


a passion for adventure

realized in uncharted forests of the Himalayas

nurtured an idea between the two:

to share their discoveries

and benefit the nation’s people.


the birth of our family

composed of creatives, benefactors, and globetrotters

— united in our love for a truly special place —

exploring hidden lands and distant villages,

relishing in centuries of wisdom-tradition...

a love for Bhutan

now shared through stories and adventures in

this great remaining treasure,

the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon —

from us, to you.

MyBhutan is a provider of bespoke, one of a kind travel experiences to the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan. It is a subsidiary to MyBhutan, LLC. Contact us at to learn about MyBhutan, LLC’s other services (technology and foreign advisory).