Miles of Rice Paddies


When I first arrived in Bhutan, I was captivated by the surrounding mountains and miles of rice paddies.

A modest country with a rich history and culture, Bhutan still remains unknown to many people.

I consider myself lucky to have spent four months in Bhutan learning about the people and the culture, and training myself to eat chili peppers at every meal!

While I lived at Royal Thimphu College in the capital, I also had the chance to visit nine other districts of Bhutan.

We traveled along misty mountain ranges in Haa and sank into the steaming hot spring of Gasa.

Everywhere we went, the locals welcomed us with wide smiles and lots of rice and chilies. Bhutan has opened my eyes to the beauty of traveling to the least familiar places and listening to the amazing stories of ordinary people.


StorySarah Cahlan