Meet the Team: Kencho Dorji


Kencho is originally from the Gangtey valley in Phobjikha. He first started driving at age 16 and has since developed a deep passion for exploring the lengths of his country. Kencho left school to pursue a career as a driver and has spent over over a decade driving clients to all 20 districts. Kencho joined MyBhutan because he enjoys the “passion and camaraderie amongst the team in each day’s work.” He is very knowledgeable about Bhutanese history. His favorite places in Bhutan are Phobjikha and Haa, where his in-laws reside. While not on tour, Kencho spends time at home with his wife and child.

Following are some excerpts of his interview with MyBhutan:

1.     Tell us something about how you came to be in the Tourism Industry and MyBhutan?

I started driving for tourism in the year 2012 and Bhutan Musk Travels was the first travel agent I worked for. From there I was introduced to MyBhutan, a travel company that I always admired and wanted to work for. I have been driving for MyBhutan since then.

2.     What did you do before becoming a driver for tourism?

Before tourism, I served His Holiness Gangtey Trulku of the renowned Gangtey Goemba Monastery as his personal cook and driver.

3.     What are your thoughts on MyBhutan now that you have been with the company for almost 5 years now?

I am sure MyBhutan will continue to grow and become one of the trusted travel companies in Bhutan in the future. The passion and camaraderie amongst the team is the driving force of the company, something we don’t usually see in other companies.

4.     What do you like about driving for tourists?

I really enjoy meeting new faces and getting to know them better over time, and hearing stories about their lives and respective countries. Every tour opens a new window and adds to your knowledge about the outside world.

5.     What makes you unique as a Driver?

I am an experienced driver with good knowledge about Bhutan. Out of the 205 gewogs in the country, I can proudly say I have covered and have knowledge about 196 out of the 205. I am also very flexible with the guests and always carry a good sense of humor.



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