Meet the Team: Karma Yonten


Karma Yonten Dang is a writer and filmmaker. He is an adventurous individual driven by a passion to travel and explore. He has worked as a writer for charity foundations, both in India and Bhutan. Having also worked as a filmmaker for almost a decade, he has traveled extensively in Bhutan and has written and directed an award winning documentary, a few TV serials and feature films.

Karma Yonten Dang presently serves MyBhutan as our Client Experience Liaison. The following are some excerpts from an interview with his colleagues at MyBhutan.

1. How and when did you join MyBhutan?

After we had our son, both my wife and I put our careers on hold to concentrate on him for at least a year. When he turned one, I chanced upon this job opening at MyBhutan and I immediately responded since I was desperately looking for a job and they agreed to test me. I didn’t have any initial knowledge on the travel front but the people at MyBhutan went all out to make me understand, within no time at all. So, I joined MyBhutan in September 2018 after a series of grueling written interviews and Skype calls over a period of almost three months.

2. So, how do you like the experience now?

Amazing. So glad to be a part of the team that strives to provide the perfect Bhutanese Experience and share what is arguably the Last Shangrila, with travelers from around the world. I am also very appreciative of how the company supports various non-governmental organizations in the Kingdom, something I have always wanted to be a part of.

3. What is it that you like about MyBhutan?

Everything. The first day I started as a team member, I was totally awed by how technologically streamlined the company and its functions were.

The system of reaching out to, dealing with and creating these amazing customized trips for the clients totally pulled me right in.

And then there is the ‘All for One - One for All’ MyBhutan family, a strong bond which makes even the hardest task seem like a piece of cake.

4. What are your responsibilities at MyBhutan?

I serve MyBhutan as a Client Experience Liaison and as a writer. I handle the social media, customer correspondence, and the content collection and write up channels. But again, we are like a big lined up circle, always behind each other, always ready to help a colleague in need to shed off some extra load.

5. What are the challenges you face working for a company which has half its staff based in the US and the other half here in Bhutan?

Like I mentioned earlier, MyBhutan is technologically so advanced and because of this, you don’t even feel the need to have everybody in a single room to operate. We are always connected and operate like any other team regardless of the distance and the different time zones that we are in.



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